Mont Piton

Mont Piton residential estate project joins the Uncut’s portfolio after being won against two other well-known agencies of Mauritius. It is the flagship project of Alteo, a leading regional group of the Indian Ocean with well-established activities in the Sugar, Energy and Property sectors. After a successful phase 1, Alteo launched Mt Piton phase 2 last year in September 2019 with a full-fledged marketing campaign to sell around 125 spacious serviced plots of land priced as from MUR 4.9M.

Prior to that for well over a year, the Uncut team has been working on this campaign round the table with the client, the sales team from Seeff estate agent, Urban Architect and the landscaper Planning Partners International based in South Africa to understand and consider every single aspect of the project to finally come up with the right concept, logo and the entire branding.

From there on, the concept took shape through various marketing materials and platforms which were developed like the project’s brochure, its corporate video including an on-site shoot, the website https://www.mtpiton.mu/, the social media pages https://www.facebook.com/MontPiton2/ Google Ads banners, print public-reportages and billboard artworks.  Mont Piton phase 2 campaign included both online and offline media and was launched in September 2019 to run for four months until December 2020 starting with a brand awareness campaign first followed by a product campaign afterwards. The marketing campaign was a success with more than 60% sales done allowing Mt Piton the pleasure to announce the start of infrastructure works in January 2020 with delivery due in 2021.

The campaign carried on for another 3 months from January till the end of March 2021 whereby sales rose further with finally only around 10 plots of land remaining to be sold. After the confinement in April, hopefully the marketing campaign will resume in June to sell the remaining few plots within the next couple of months.