Mayfair is a brand which has been created by Ambux Ltd, an international property developing company based in the UK. Entering unknown territory in July 2019, with a new brand, Uncut has been responsible for propelling this brand towards international exposure by means of Social Media, Websites, and promotional events held at the major shopping malls across the Island.

The client residing in the UK, requires communication to be fluid and this is something which Uncut has shown great strength. The marketing event organised included the design and manufacturing of all up stands, front desks, banners, literature, and promotional gifts, all of which was successfully completed with customer satisfaction and resulting in over 50% sales of a project.

Uncut developed this brand from inception to its prominent position in the property market in Mauritius. Mayfair’s product awareness has been stretched, such that sales have been achieved by clients in the UK, France, Belgium, and South Africa.

“We have been using the professional help of Uncut since 2018 and have been delighted with how they have transformed our brand from a new concept into a brand which is well recognised within the property industry. They have handled all aspects of our marketing since we started off as a new company introducing a new brand.

Uncut have since created two of our websites, all our social media platforms and organised successful promotional events. The office is filled with professionalism and courtesy a makes working alongside a them a real pleasure. We look forward to the years to come”