EST 1923

EST 1923 is a Turkish brand of beauty and care
products represented exclusively by Relaxon Group in Mauritius. UNCUT currently
manages all the marketing campaigns and collaterals of the brand and has
successfully launched the products on both online and offline platforms leading
to an instant boost in engagement with the target market and consequently sales.

UNCUT has increased the number of sales through Facebook by around 30% and page views to 27% within 2 months of managing the page. Some major tasks involved launching of its first online and offline product catalogue in March 2020 and other promotional online and offline campaigns to sustain the brand.

“UNCUT Digital Creative Agency has consistently provided our team with support that has driven results. They always respond quickly and have a professional touch in all their works. Working with UNCUT to support our social media activities have extended the marketing activities we are able to achieve. We look forward to working with UNCUT for a long time.”

Z. Suhotoo, Marketing Manager.