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Recruiting the Perfect Power Digital Team!



Temporarily being forced to hang up their gloves since the beginning of 2020, irrelevant of sizes, companies came to a standstill not knowing how to react and cope at the very beginning. The light at the end of the tunnel started to appear eventually, when entities realised that the media landscape has changed drastically pulling everything from offline to online marketing.

Businesses which were engaged in just the basics of marketing are forging their ways to start with a minimum visibility online. Such entities are starting with the creation of their business pages on social media platforms and the creation of basic informational websites. Others which already had their footprint online are working towards better marketing strategies to connect and engage with their existing and new clients through more interactive social media pages and more advanced e-commerce websites.

Whether it is a baby step or more of a leap, having the right people behind online marketing is key. Online platforms have recently been flooded with vacancies looking for digital marketers to manage small businesses to large corporates. However along with those vacancies, comments have also accumulated criticizing the fact that companies are looking to recruit all-rounders mainly due to the cost saving implication which is attached.

Best practices state that a Digital Marketing Team should consist of the following people:

  • A Head of Digital
  • A Content Writer
  • A SEM Expert
  • A Web Master
  • A Web Content Writer
  • A Web Graphic Designer
  • A Community Manager
  • A Business Intelligence (BI)

Such a recruitment can only be sustained by big corporates. Small entities cannot afford such significant labour costs. Medium enterprises have a stronger chance of survival but might eventually struggle. It all depends on which aspect you are focusing on. Are you being a pessimist by looking at the costs only or are you being an optimist by calculating the return on that investment?

Let us get real instead and recognise that both costs and revenues are important elements to be considered when taking such a decision. Although not easy, especially in the initial stages, the best way will be to find an equilibrium between both elements whereby the actual costs can justify the potential revenues.

Moreover, another trend that has been seen on the social media platforms is that more and more people aged from 17 to 50 years old are opting for digital marketing courses and promoting their new status of fully qualified digital marketer. Despite having the basic knowledge, I believe that only practise will allow you to determine in which field to specialise in and where your true strength lies. The Mauritian labour seems to be ready with general online marketers doing a bit of everything but not yet fully equipped with specialised online marketers that can make up that power team of a company.



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